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Unlikely-more info

Well, I'd say so, for several reasons. Unlikely in this stage of my life, for sure, and I hate to say it...if it wasn't

for COVID, it's unlikely that this EP would have happened at all, which is both sad and wonderful!

Also, it's unlikely that Connie and I would have come up with this wonderful song, which I think is rather a kind of anthem for this time we are in!

About the songs:

Summer Crossing- The first tune written for this project, back in June of 2020, was written for a Bluegrass Band.

This is in 3 related keys, and all of them using the 1,4 and 5 chords.

A Major (A, D, E), which then goes to the Relative Minor, F#m (F#m, Bm C#m). Back to A Major...then to the Parallel Minor, Am (Am, Dm, E7), and finally back to the original key of A Major. Sorry, no Banjo on this one! Featuring the amazing Kelly Werts on Guitar.

Unlikely- "We've tried our best to cope, so much longer than we hoped. It's so unlikely, so unlikely!"

A sign of the times...lyrics by my wife, Connie. This is a medium rocker, featuring Fiddle and Electric Mandolin, with Drums by the fabulous Steve Hatfield.

The Squirrel and the Bluejay- When I first started this project in July, I witnessed a scene outside my window of a bluejay going after a squirrel who had just come down out of a tree. I suspect the squirrel had been messing with the bluejay's nest, which led to the altercation. This waltz has Twin Fiddles, Kalimba, Mandolin, Ukulele, Melodica, Guitar, Drums w/Brushes, Bells, and a surprise ending!


Demelza's Song- Based on the BBC series, 'Poldark'. If you've followed this series, you'll be able to relate to what Demelza must have been going through. This, another rocker features Mandola and Fiddle, with Steve again supplying the stellar Drum track. This song was written using chords without the 3rd (making it neither Major or Minor) to make it sound very open and contemplative, hence the original title, D5. While playing this on my Mandolin, it made Connie think of Demelza and a song was born.

Rush County- Even though I'm from the NW, my roots are in KS. My grandmother, born Laura Louise Hicks, grew up in Rush County, in a town called McCracken, KS. When she was old enough, she travelled to Dodge City to study nursing. There, she met the man she was to marry. A daughter (my mom) was born in 1917, and then she lost her husband (my grandfather) to the Spanish Flu in 1918. 

This piece was written for String Quartet.

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